Settlement Consulting

We help you settle in and start earning as quickly as possible

Settlement Consulting

At Kisha, we guide our clients on things to do before they leave their home countries and specific actions they need to undertake when they land in Canada. We also help our clients ensure that they complete the top tasks that need to be done in the first month after they land in Canada. These actions are targeted at helping them settle in and integrate properly into Canadian society. This service is divided into two categories: Pre-Arrival and Post Arrival.

pre arrival

Pre-Arrival Guidance

Before you arrive in Canada, there are basic things you need to be aware of. For instance, the possibility of being interviewed by a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer before being permitted to enter Canada or your Canadian residency obligations to obtain Canadian citizenship in record time.

  • Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian Port of Entry
  • Guidance on Residency Obligation
  • Advice on Canadian citizenship
Port of entry

Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian Port of Entry

You may be interviewed by a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer before you are permitted to enter Canada. We will however, advise you on the documents that you will need to have in your possession. We will also prepare you for your interview at the Canadian Port of Entry. Explain your Canadian Residency Obligations

Guidance on Residency Obligations

You may lose your status as a Canadian permanent resident if you do not meet your residency obligations. We will however, advise you on the different methods of fulfilling your Canadian Residency Obligations.


Advice on Canadian Citizenship

Canadian citizenship is voluntary and you may be eligible for it after three (soon to be four) years of living in Canada with permanent resident status. We will provide extensive advice on the Canadian citizenship process.

Post Arrival Guidance

To ensure smooth settlement and integration when you arrive Canada, we offer the following Post Arrival Guidance

  • Airport Pickup
  • Budget friendly accommodation (Advice on best places to rent)
  • First grocery shopping
  • Obtaining a phone line
  • Transit pass
  • Assessment of different banks and best options to use
  • Driver’s license
  • Social insurance number
  • Health insurance card