Language Exam Preparation

We’ve partnered with expert English and French tutors

English Exam Preparation

They are a top Canadian English examination tutorial company. They provide online self-access courses and individual feedback to help people get the score they need.

French Exam Preparation

They are experts in helping beginners in the French Language come up to speed and fluency in order to be best prepared for the TEF or TEFAQ examinations.

We’ve also partnered with expert English and French tutors who will work with us internally to provide valuable lessons curated to suit each student’s needs. 

Services they offer:

  • Convenient online learning experience 
  • Direct contact with tutors for discussions 
  • Efficient IELTS and TEF strategies and techniques 
  • Mock Examinations
  • Weakness analysis for student’s upgrade. 
  • Individualized teaching curriculum 
  • Essay Review
  • One-on-one speaking course …and lots more.