Being admitted directly into a University in Canada is not a feat reserved for mutants kids. As long as your child meets the admission requirements for their program of choice, and gets proper and timely guidance they would head right in without having to repeat any grade or go through a preparatory college. 

However, this is the best time to start planning and the best time to book a consultation with us is now! There are a plethora of programs available and there are also entrance scholarships that are awarded to September intakes. Entrance scholarships are based on applicants’ grades and the overall admission pool. You child can get it! We believe in him/her. 

Sponsors must ensure they have enough funds for the planned study. It is mandatory to present for the first year and it serves as proof that you can raise the funds for subsequent years. It is imperative that planning begins in earnest especially if your ward would need to apply for a study permit by March  2023. You would also need bank statements from at least six months reflecting the required funds.  

It is important to state that admission processing is on and we would be delighted to be a part of your child’s immigration journey! Send us an email to to get started. 

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